Guide to Rebuildable Atomizer Terminology - about RDA RTA RDTA RBA

In the evolving world of vaping technology, a lot has happened in a relatively short space of time. From the early days of simple pen style ego type atomizers to the current crop of complex multi-coiled, high powered subohm tanks and regulated mods, terminology has had to evolve at the same pace and hasn’t always managed to keep up with the rapid innovation and development of vaping products.

Today’s nomenclature isn’t by any means perfect but usually does a good enough job of describing vaping products so the
buying customer can hopefully know what they are buying.

This article will try and explain the meaning of the naming conventions used to describe a small subsection of the market
collectively known as REBUILDABLES.

RDA (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer) or “Dripper”

An RDA typically comprises a building deck for installation of coils which sits above a juice well (not a tank) This
deck has a standard 510 connection on the underside for connection to a battery or mod. The deck is usually
enclosed by a separate housing to funnel the vapour up to a drip tip.

The user needs to install their own coils and wicking and must manually drip e-juice onto the coils and/or into the
juice well.​

RDTA (Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer)

An RDTA is basically an RDA with the addition of a glass or steel tank, attached to the bottom of the RDA deck.
Wicking of the juice in the tank, to the coils in the RDA is facilitated by the addition of juice feed slots or holes in
the bottom of the RDA deck, allowing the wicking to be installed from the coils and through the deck holes, into
the tank below.

The user needs to install their own coils and wicking. It is possible to use these devices like a conventional dripper
but the addition of a tank makes this unnecessary.​

RTA (Rebuildable Tank Atomizer)

An RTA is similar to an RDTA but instead of a build deck sitting on top of a juice tank, the rebuildable deck is
housed in a sealed enclosure which itself, sits inside of a juice tank, much like a conventional tank atomiser
except it has a rebuildable deck instead of a stock, pre manufactured, replaceable coil head.

The user needs to install their own coils and wicking. RTA’s are dedicated rebuildable devices and cannot be fitted
with a stock coil.​

RBA Deck (Rebuildable Atomiser Deck)

An RBA deck is basically an answer to the vaping community’s need for a means of turning their favourite
conventional tank atomizer into a rebuildable device.

An RBA deck is usually a stock coil shaped, rebuildable deck and housing, designed to directly replace a stock
coil in a conventional tank atomizer.

The user needs to install their own coils and wicking.​


Worth mentioning that there are a few RDTAs out there that have the ability to remove the tank section from the RDA
to enable them to be used as a standalone RDA or as an RDTA.​

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