Fumytech Dragon Ball and Crystal Ball RDTA Review

Japanese classic comic "Dragon Ball" began in 1984 is created by the famous cartoonist Shimoshan Ming, and really affect us from 1986, when the Dragon Ball cartoon shown on TV, for us who born in the 80's, it is really can called 'endless Memories'.
Today, we want to share with vape lovers of FUMYTECH Dragron Ball atomizer review. We can see the packaging design also has a "Dragon Ball" element.

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In addition to the dragon inside the atomizer, but also contains a spare glass warehouse, cotton, apron screws and four ni80 specifications of the Clapton coil. In appearance, the dragon ball atomizer from the top cover, glass warehouse and the base can be seen everywhere, "Dragon Ball" theme elements. Especially as a glass warehouse on the four-star dragon beads and color is more prominent.
Remove the atomizer after the overall composition can be divided into six parts

Top cover components, in addition to the function with the top of the oil, you can also see the nozzle ring and the cover has a card slot, this design is designed to deal with the unique shape of the cover will cause difficult to twist the situation Made a humanized design.
In this ball-shaped glass warehouse is still using the conventional atomizer installation settings, and then the volume of the atomizer, although large, but the circular tank can still provide 4ml of the atomizer oil storage ability.
The base side is the use of the classic double-column four-hole design + bottom of the air intake structure, and in the ring groove on the four corners with six small oil hole, with the fog of the four oil hole Can play the role of open and close the oil; the bottom of the bilateral huge intake slot for the 24mm diameter of the product to provide adequate intake. We can find that the upper four corners of the intake control ring are provided with a circular opening. Due to the 24mm diameter caused by the large body size will lead to its use in the filament performance is not satisfactory, so in this atomizer only recommended 0.7 (0.8) mm A1 wire / 3.0 laps / 6 laps To use, so that the performance of the smoke and taste can achieve a higher balance; at the same time you can use the original configuration of the twin ni ni material Clayton coil or other brands of fancy coil is a good choice.
To do the core of the process, we need to pay attention to the cotton as far as possible close to the four corners of the oil hole, otherwise the smoke will be because of the pressure balance problem, so that smoke is full of the base, resulting in oil spills.

Dragon Ball atomizer in the description of the players that this is a can be used when the conventional drip can also be used as oil storage products, which as a drip when used in fact can not have to remove the top composition, directly from the drip Yes, because the size of the drip is already big enough. We think that everyday use directly when the RTA will be better.
This atomizer because of its special shape, you will find it regardless of the host box with the equipment or mechanical rod, are very interesting and compelling. Especially with the mechanical pole, let us think of the Arabian hookah.

The unique structure of the "Dragon Ball" atomizer unique taste, perhaps coincidentally, perhaps the structure dictates, the author before we introduced a "VCST" in the amount of smoke and taste also have good performance."Dragon Ball" RDTA taste is characterized by rich flavor, taste partial stimulation of some, rich in detail, a sense of level clear. If accompanied by the fancy coil, the taste of the upgrade is more significant. For the familiar daily "rations" smoke oil, "Dragon Ball" atomizer will enlarge the details of the smoke, more clear, rich.

And the Crystal Ball has a black cool looking:

We think the dragon ball atomizer has a very good vaping experience, and has a lot fun too. But we need to pay attention to is that even if you Minato 7, you still can not summon to 'the Dragon'. :-) 

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