Something you need to know about RBA,RDA,RTA and RDTA

When we talking about RBA,RDA,RTA and RDTA tank, what are they exactly mean?
In vaping world, we often mentioned the concept of RBA,RDA,RTA and RDTA atomizer vape tank. But some newer don’t even know what is the difference between of them.So,if you confused about what is RBA / RDA / RTA / RDTA ,read this blog, to help you figure them out.

RDA tank: Rebuild-able Dripping Atomizer.
there is no tank included to hold ejuice and feed the wick. You can get a perfect hit every time by dripping the ejuice directly to the wick manually, but you don’t need to always drip since there are some extra ejuice held .The RDA is by far the most popular system among huge cloud lovers. If you want to have big, grand and huge clouds, you need to be building on an RDA tank. With an RDA tank, you literally drip the liquid from a bottle into the tank via the drip tip - also known as “re-dripping”.Building coils isn't hard to satrt with, but if you're a new-to-building vaper the advise we gave you is start with an RDA tank, as they're easiest for a new starter.When you build your RDA, the good cotton and wire is necessary for you, in vapeyaya online store, we offer you big rang of pre-bilut coils and wires, from tiger coil, alien coil, super clapton coil to various wires like kanthal a1 wire, ni200 wire and nichrome 80 wire,titanium wire and kanthal ribbon wires.

RTA tank: Rebuild-able Tank Atomizer .
RTA looks like a tank atomizer (with clear tank or metal tank) but comes with a deck for you to build on. Most of the RTA has three main parts: Deck, Tank, Chimney.Normally an RTA tank means a tank system with a rebuildable coil. Vapers fill it up and vaping inhale many times, until the liquid is finished, then fill the tube again. The advantage is obvious that it comes with a small performance sacrifice but RTAs tend to be difficult to build because they are assembled with multiple parts. Nevertheless, RTAs are still popular for those vape lovers who already prepared to invest some learning time to figur it out. Many vapers say by the flavor production they are able to get from an RTA tank.

RBA tank: Rebuild-able Atomizer tank.
Well, actually RTA’s and RDA's are both types of RBA. The RTA (Rebuildable Tank Atomizer) is a tank system and the RDA (Rebuildable Drip Atomizer) is a dripper system. With rebuildables, you "build" your own coil. In other words, you physically wrap a coil, attach it to the system and add a wick.It is a general name and hot RBA tanks,such as OBS ACE RBA Tank , SMOK TFV8, SMOK TFV12 and so on.

RDTA tank: Rebuild-able Dripping Tank Atomizer.
Yes it’s a combination of RDA + RTA, with a tank to hold ejuice, and with a deck to build on, the difference is the function of “Auto Dripping”. You don’t need to pull off the top cap and drip onto the wick constantly, and it also have no channels for the ejuice flowing into the wick. They generally work by dripping onto your wick when you press down on the drip tip. It is also named as “Auto Dripper”. In online store, we put the RDTA tanks to our RDA category.The famous one is Dragon Ball RDTA Tank from Fumytech.

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