Wismec RX 300 Box Mod - latest release by Wismec in the Reuleaux series

The Wismec RX 300 Box Mod is the latest release by Wismec in the Reuleaux series. Jaybo Designs has impressed us yet again with another impeccable masterpiece of design and innovation, the RX 300 is powered with quadruple 18650 batteries (not included), making full use of it with a maximum 300W of power output. It is the first quadruple battery mod from Wismec.

A fashion for four batteries is no surprise, and Wismec could not stay away from this trend. The company introduced the RX300 - an interesting, but very original device, which is not suitable for everyone.

If the previous "ricks" became the standard in the world of wading due to the ideal combination of price, quality and functionality, the 300th model turned out to be strange. In fact, it is steep, but whether you need four batteries and 300 watts of power is an open question. Let's understand.


    Battery: 4 removable batteries type 18650;
    Resistance in the TC mode: 0.05 - 1.5 Ohm;
    Resistance in the mode of varivatta: 0.1 - 3.5 Ohm;
    Working power: 1 - 300 W;
    Adjustable temperature range: 200 - 600 ° F (100 - 315 ° C).


    Box-mode Wismec RX300;
    Micro-USB cable;
    Two stickers.

Design, build quality and dimensions

In the RX300, Wismec abandoned the familiar shape of the diamond, now it is a rectangular bar, the originality of which is attached to the inserts "under the skin". There is a carbon version, subjectively it looks better.

There are no complaints about the build quality. The power adjustment buttons are again separate and round and (unlike RX2 / 3) do not loosen. But to use the three-hundred "rooks" is inconvenient in any case. This is a huge brick, which, if desired, you can fend off gopnik. The device is exclusively stationary, you can buy it and use it at home / at work / in the car, but do not carry it with you at all.


In terms of management, everything is customary, you can easily figure out if you ever used the mods from Wismec. Just in case, we'll tell you the main thing: in order to enter the settings, you need to press the Fire button three times, and the stealth mode is activated by the Fire + "-" combination.


The maximum power output by the RX300, as the name implies, is 300 watts. But here's the problem: the minimum resistance in the variata mode is standard 0.1 Ohm. For the four-battery mode, this is ridiculous, the main competitor in the face of IJOY Maxo Quad supports 0.06 Ohm.

In general, this power is clearly redundant, there is the same thing as with telephones. Manufacturers are trying to surprise at least something, and since unique functions are difficult to come up with, they increase technical characteristics.

And the RX300 has one interesting feature - the mod can be used as an external battery to charge a smartphone or other mod. To do this, replace the atomizer with the adapter. True, the bundle does not, you have to buy separately.
Impressions and experience of use

In general, Wismec RX300 we love it. This is a good, well-assembled and fairly functional mod. The pluses include a stable and accurate definition of resistance, excellent running time when hovering about 100 watts, and the possibility of using it as a power bank. The main disadvantage is ergonomics. Still, Maxo Quad with the same characteristics is much more convenient.


If you want the most powerful device, and at the same time do not intend to constantly carry it with you, Wismec RX300 is unequivocally for you. This mod is definitely not suitable for beginners, girls and those who need a compact and convenient device.This is for uhm,you know,who called tough guy!

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