Ovns Saber Starter Vape Kit Review / Pod Style System

The OVNS Saber is an affordable all-in-one vape that uses refillable 1.8 mL pods. It has a 400 mAh battery and uses 1.8 Ohm coils wicked with organic cotton. The device also features rainbow LEDs that light up when you vape.

Kit Content
1 x Saber 400 mAh Battery
2 x Saber 1.8 mL Pod
2 x Spare Silicone Cover for Pod
1 x USB Cable
1 x User Manual

Vaping was expensive like Shan Laan pod mod(99USD/PCS). In the last few years we have seen devices coming down in price as vaping rises in popularity.
The OVNS Saber uses blue LED lights to indicate battery life:
3 lights – Above 70%
2 lights – 30-70%
1 light – Below 30%

What makes the Saber different from the rest? Mainly the addition of a decorative LED bar that fades through an array of colors when you vape. There are no buttons or switches to play with. The Saber is draw activated, so it only turns on when you puff. There’s no option to turn off the LED lights, but you can just conceal them in your hand when stealth vaping.
Filling the pods isn’t exactly hard, but also isn’t something you want to do on the go. It requires you to remove the mouthpiece, and then the rubber seal. I was able to fill it with a glass dropper, but if you have the option, a needle tip or unicorn bottle is preferable (too bad it doesn’t come with a needle-tip bottle like the Peas).

The performance has been impressive with a fresh pod. The first thing I noticed was the tight silent draw comparable to the Phix. It feels a bit like vaping on a tank with the airflow totally closed off. The flavor is good for a pod mod mostly because of the organic cotton wicking. The throat hit is also really good due to the MTL draw, especially with high salt-based nicotine.
The vapor production is comparable to the JUUL. You aren’t going to be chucking clouds with such a restrictive airflow. It would be a great stealth device if it didn’t put on a light show every time you vape. When I’m in public, I find myself holding the Saber in my fist to cover the LEDs. That being said, imagine how much fun you could have with this thing at a party or night club.

Battery life
The battery life on the Saber is really good. Considering that it’s only putting out 7.2 Watts, you can vape through a full pod before depletion. It charges via a micro-USB port located at the bottom of the device and has passthrough functionality, so you never miss a beat. A full charge takes roughly 45 minutes to achieve. The LED bar lights up solid green when it’s done charging.

Proper MTL draw
Micro USB passthrough charging
LED battery life indication
Decent flavor for a pod mod
Lightweight and portable
Short pod lifespan
Chunky mouthpiece
Inconsistent tolerances
Pods don’t click into place
Impractical to fill on the go

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