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Here we offer you some new vaping devices information and share with you how it operate and using, which are available for those just getting into e-cigs. These devices require a little more knowledge and know-how to operate, although not too much, and once you attain this knowledge you’ll begin to experience the benefits. Such as better battery life, better flavor and denser cloud production.

Vaping better than nicotine replacement therapy for stopping smoking, evidence suggests

Vaping better than nicotine replacement therapy for stopping smoking, evidence suggests
As number of vapers in England plateaus, incorrect perceptions of its relative risks compared to smoking may be discouraging smokers from using vaping to quit.

How to Distinguish the Taste of Atomizer by Its Structure?

The smaller the size of the tip, pipe, atomizing chamber and air inlet, the more intense the smoke will be, and the longer the length of the pipe, the vape will be more exquisite.

How to Avoid the Atomizer Catch Fire

When you first come to use a drip atomizer, you would probably find the atomizer getting fire sometimes, even its just running in low power. What’s going on? You may ask, why does it get fire?

Kangertech IKEN Kit Review

After 300 months of testing Kangertech finally release the stunning Kanger IKEN Kit. Boasting a 5000mAh built-in battery and a raft of innovations, the question on everybody’s lips is—will it be available now? Yes, just click here to buy from

With innovations such as “U” airflow technology the IKEN tank promises to be a step up for Kanger.

Ovns Saber Starter Vape Kit Review / Pod Style System

What makes the Saber different from the rest? Mainly the addition of a decorative LED bar that fades through an array of colors when you vape. There are no buttons or switches to play with. The Saber is draw activated, so it only turns on when you puff. There’s no option to turn off the LED lights, but you can just conceal them in your hand when stealth vaping.

The OVNS Saber is an affordable all-in-one vape that uses refillable 1.8 mL pods. It has a 400 mAh battery and uses 1.8 Ohm coils wicked with organic cotton. The device also features rainbow LEDs that light up when you vape.

Ijoy RDTA 5 Review

In my opinion this is Ijoys best RDTA yet. Yes it does have a few cons but the pros far outweigh them. I like the flavor. I like the clouds. I love the versatility of this tank. If you like the Ijoy RDTA’s then the 5 is a must have. If you never had and RDTA before then this is a great one to start with. Ijoy did a great job on this one and the 5 is DeucesJack approved.

Fumytech Dragon Ball and Crystal Ball RDTA Review

Japanese classic comic "Dragon Ball" began in 1984 is created by the famous cartoonist Shimoshan Ming, and really affect us from 1986, when the Dragon Ball cartoon shown on TV, for us who born in the 80's, it is really can called 'endless Memories'.Today, we want to share with vape lovers of FUMYTECH Dragron Ball atomizer review. We can see the packaging design also has a "Dragon Ball" element.
The unique structure of the "Dragon Ball" atomizer unique taste, perhaps coincidentally, perhaps the structure dictates, the author before we introduced a "VCST" in the amount of smoke and taste also have good performance."Dragon Ball" RDTA taste is characterized by rich flavor, taste partial stimulation of some, rich in detail, a sense of level clear. If accompanied by the fancy coil, the taste of the upgrade is more significant. For the familiar daily "rations" smoke oil, "Dragon Ball" atomizer will enlarge the details of the smoke, more clear, rich.

Wismec RX 300 Box Mod - latest release by Wismec in the Reuleaux series

The Wismec RX 300 Box Mod is the latest release by Wismec in the Reuleaux series.

In general, Wismec RX300 we love it. This is a good, well-assembled and fairly functional mod. The pluses include a stable and accurate definition of resistance, excellent running time when hovering about 100 watts, and the possibility of using it as a power bank.If you want the most powerful device, and at the same time do not intend to constantly carry it with you, Wismec RX300 is unequivocally for you.This mod is definitely not suitable for beginners, girls and those who need a compact and convenient device.This is for uhm,you know,who called tough guy!

SMOK TFV12 Review - This Cloud King Vape Tank Is Insane

The Smok TFV12 is for cloud chasers looking for huge vapor. The quality is impeccable. The engineering is precise and every connection flawlessly fastens together and attaches to your mod. We expect nothing less from Smok.

Starting off the Smok TFV12 review let’s talk about the coil options. There are six different coil options. When you buy the TFV12 you are going to get the V12-T12 coil which is the 12 headed coil. This is the one that will take you to 350 watts if you want! Right now there aren’t many mods that will go that far. But, there will be. I went up to 300 watts but to get to 350 I will have to wait to get my Smok GX 350 watt quad 18650 mod.

Difference Between Joytech All In One Start Kit EGo Aio Kit Family : AIO D16 | AIO(D19) | AIO D22 | AIO D22 XL | AIO PRO C

There are total 5 kinds of kits in Joytech All In One Start Kit EGo Aio Kit Family :EGO AIO D16 , EGO AIO(D19) , EGO AIO D22  ,EGO AIO D22 XL, EGO AIO PRO C . Lets check what is the the difference between joytech all in one start kit ego aio kit family when you want to buy one of them.

EGO AIO D16: a leaner design with a diameter of 16.5mm (length 158mm)
EGO AIO(D19): (regular): the standard design we all love (length 118mm)
EGO AIO D22: a larger but shorter design with a 22 mm diameter (length 106mm)with a battery capacity: 1500mAh
EGO AIO D22 XL: a larger but shorter design with a 22 mm diameter (length 106mm) with a battery capacity: 2300mAh
EGO AIO PRO C: with a 22 mm diameter (length 140mm) 4.0ml atomizer and without battery inside

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