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E-cigarette industry has grown at such an exponential rate in the last few years that it can be a truly daunting process to step into it. RDA’s, Mechanical Mods, Variable Voltage Mod, Temperature Control, Ohms, whatever you know these words or not, whoever you are a vaping beginner or adanved vaper, you may find useful information we offered you here.

A Vaper’s Story

After sharing his personal story at The Manchester Cancer Research Centre on Thursday 30 March, former smoker Chris Baxter writes about how he made the switch from lit cigarettes to vaping.

Vaping Timeline for Quiting Smoking

You’ve probably heard of the many benefits that come from putting down the cigarettes in favor of vaping. But just how quickly can you feel the effects of putting down those stinky sticks? Check out this vaping timeline that details how e-cigs can make a difference if your life within hours.

It is interesting,the best time to quit was 10 years ago, the second best time is now! So just quit smoking from NOW. Vaping may is very helpful.

How to Clean Vape RTA/RDA/RBA Coils

Fancy silk brings a higher quality VAPE experience to the players, but the price is more than a fraction higher than normal heating wire due to the material and winding process. While using fancy silk, we should know how to do daily cleaning and maintenance.

Eight Trending Vaping Styles for Veteran Moms

Veteran moms have been at this for a long time, and they need some nice ways to look their best and smell their best while vaping. There are eight styles listed here that you will really enjoy, and each of them makes it easier for mothers to get in that daily vapor they need. You can try one or all of them as you look for the best ways to get that vapor in your system.

Guide to Rebuildable Atomizer Terminology - about RDA RTA RDTA RBA

Thanks to Cliffboy from POTV to provide this fantastic article,which explained the concept very well.
In the evolving world of vaping technology, a lot has happened in a relatively short space of time. From the early days of simple pen style ego type atomizers to the current crop of complex multi-coiled, high powered subohm tanks and regulated mods, terminology has had to evolve at the same pace and hasn’t always managed to keep up with the rapid innovation and development of vaping products. This article will try and explain the meaning of the naming conventions used to describe a small subsection of the market collectively known as REBUILDABLES.

Something you need to know about RBA,RDA,RTA and RDTA

When we talking about RBA,RDA,RTA and RDTA tank, what are they exactly mean,what is the difference of them?
In vaping world, we often mentioned the concept of RBA,RDA,RTA and RDTA atomizer vape tank. But some newer don’t even know what is the difference between of them.So,if you confused about what is RBA / RDA / RTA / RDTA ,in this article, we will explain them one by one to help you figure out what they are.

How to Steep Your E-liquid

What is steeping e-liquid?

Steeping is a process that mixes and oxidizes the ingredients (VG/PG base, nicotine, flavorings) of the e-juice. Just like good, aged wine, steeped e-juices taste much better and smoother. The oxidation of the ingredients replaces volatile compounds like alcohol with oxygen. The process removes the harsh perfume-like taste and also changes the color of the e-juice. So, you’ll know that your e-juice is properly steeping when you see that it has become considerably darker from the original color.Anyway,Steeping is not for everyone but it is highly recommended to achieve the best flavor from your e-liquids.

Vaping or Smoking - Does vaping is safer than smoking?

Some previous studies suggesting that vaping is as harmful as smoking have little in common with real-world experience, it is claimed.The new findings also show that to be safe it is necessary for smokers to switch over completely to e-cigarettes or nicotine replacement therapy.Conclusions Knowledge about e-cigarette nicotine pharmacology remains limited. Because a user's e-cigarette experience may significantly impact nicotine delivery, future nicotine pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic studies should be conducted in experienced users to accurately assess the products’ impact on public health.So our suggestion is vaping is helpful to quit smoking and it is safe if you become an experienced user and control the nicotine you using for vaping.

The Best Vape Coil Wicks - Organic Cotton Wicks

Which one is the best wicks?  Cotton wick? or cotton balls? what about stainless steel mash?

First, There is something you should know about the cotton balls
Many people use cotton wicks for e-cigs because it's such a great wicking material but you shouldn't use just any type of cotton. Make sure to avoid buying just any cotton balls as they are often bleached and can destroy the flavor of your juice. You want to buy organic untreated cotton balls or another form of untreated cotton.

About Steeping E-Liquid - Steeped or Unsteeped?

Before we talk about this issue, as vaper, we need to konw:

What is steeping e-liquid? Steeping e-liquid, in its simplest form, is the process in which you allow a bottle of e-liquid (or E-Juice) to "age" or mature in the bottle. Similar to the aging process for wine... actually, its basically the exact same thing. Wine uses the extracts of natural fruits (namely grapes) When you extract the flavor from a fruit such as grapes, you get a concentrate form of the fruit.And for vapers,which one you prefer - to get maximum flavour,or get more feeling of Throat Hit? Actually most of vapers' answer is get more best flavour,so let's give you the conclusion first: steeping will bring your better flavour of the E-Liquid.

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