How to Distinguish the Taste of Atomizer by Its Structure?

Taste, is the key point, the main standard of evaluating a atomizer. Everyone has different taste demand. Taste is a mystery, so what makes it taste different? All the factors that determine the taste interrelate to one another. A tiny change can influence the overall perception.
Variable factors and Immutable factors
E-liquid, Heating coil, Cotton and the Temperature are variable factors. The size and design of every parts atomizer are the immutable factors.
Firstly, let’s talk about the immutable factors. How to recognize the structure of atomizer.

1. Drip tip
How does the drip tip determine the taste? The diameter and length of pipet from the drip tip to mouth, in the atomizer, is the key point of taste. For example, the Five Pawns Vape, its drip tip has a small diameter, just like the shape of drum which can make the vapours get into a smaller space and get compressed and strong, then get to the mouth. Otherwise, the standard Drip Tip 510 is straight silhouette, the pipet does not make the influence to the taste of vapours. Thus it can be seen, the diameter influent the concentration and the taste of vapours. The smaller of diameter is, the more palatefull and stronger you can get.

All of Vapeyaya drip tips (excluding our RDA top caps and tank specific drip tips) are known as industry standard "510" fitment which measure approximately 8.5mm in diameter at the base of the drip tip.

2. pipe
Many types of atomizer on the market have wide pipe. The distance from the atomizing chamber to the drip tip, which has same effect on the vapours taste. (just like the above). However, the path from atomizing chamber to the mouth could also be called pipe. The diameter and length of the pipe both do the positive and obvious effect on the taste. As the diameter getting larger, the more air is getting mixed with the vapours, will the vapor get thiner. Therefore, the smaller diameter could let few air get in and the vapor getting more dense. Just imagine if there are two water tube with different diameter, usually the one with smaller diameter would flow out a might strong water current.
Furthermore, the length of the pipe could help to cool down the vape.Check Vapeyaya long reading drip tips here.

3. Atomizing chamber
Vape is produced by the mixing of air and the vapours from the Heating coil atomized e-liquid. The size of the atomizing chamber determines the amount of vapour and air in the tank. The vapor atomized by the heating coil takes up a great part of the chamber. However the others space is for the air. Let's assume for a moment that there is a 50ml of coke, going to pull it into a cup with 100ml volume or a cup with 200ml volume, then full filled the cup with water. So we have to pull 50ml or 150ml water into the cup. Let’s see, the more water pulled into, the more tasteless it will get. The same is true for atomizing chamber.Check Vapeyaya various tanks here.

4. Air inlet
The air inlet is also divided into external adjustable part and internal non-adjustable part. The external adjustable hole is the part of the inlet opening hole and the regulating ring outside the atomizer. Internal non - regulation is a path through which air passes through the external adjustable part. The external adjustable part controls the amount of air entering within a certain period of time, while the internal non-adjustable part determines the amount of air passing through the outside. From the third point, we can see that the more air enters the atomizing chamber, the lower the intensity of the vapor and the greater the amount of smoke. So we know that the relationship between the amount of air and the amount of smoke is that the more air get in, the more air get mixed up with the vapor, the amount of the smoke is larger, and the vapor is thiner.

5. Heating coil
Various aspects of heating coil in the detailed rules are not mentioned here, many articles have popular science, here we are going to talk about the volume of heating coil. Through the third point, we know the influence of the space in the atomizing chamber on the vapor. So the volume of the heating coil determines the space that the vapor and air can occupy. This is why the larger the atomizing chamber be, the larger the size of the heating coil required. When the heating coil occupies a certain space, the remaining space will be occupied by the air, so the volume of the heating coil determines how much space the air can occupy.Check Vapeyaya pre-built coils here.

6. Oil filling port and Cotton
The Oil filling port, as the name suggests, determines how much oil the cotton can absorb, leading to the speed at which the cotton fills up the oil. The extent to which the cotton is filled with e-liquid determines whether the amount of heating coil atomized e-liquid is sufficient. Fast oil conduction ensures that the amount of e-liquid each time the heating coil atomizes is sufficient. If the oil conduction is slow, there will be not enough e-liquid on the cotton to atomize the heating coil, resulting in a small amount of steam or even cotton paste. Check Vapeyaya various vape cotton here.

7. Single&Double structure
Single and Double structure is refers to in the same period of time is a heating coil atomization and two heating coil atomization. Through the understanding of the above points, Double structure produce the steam much more than single, twice as much, reduce air occupy, this is why Double can make vapor tastes much more strong than the Single on the same atomizer.

So, the smaller the size of the tip, pipe, atomizing chamber and air inlet, the more intense the smoke will be, and the longer the length of the pipe, the vape will be more exquisite.

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